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12/31/2019 3:46 pm  #41

Re: Planescape Spin-up thread

He dreamed and died. The first death was not seen but heard. From somewhere outside of perception an odd sound causes a cock of the head in time to catch a projectile in the temple and all is dark again. A robed figure points a finger in this direction, hair across the body rises before a tremendous column of curved light rises from the ground and all is pain until it is dark. A knife in the chest while sleeping. Jaws of some hellacious beast closing on the throat. Poison burning the belly. Choking on a bite of stew after a good joke. Some are longer than others, some more painful.

For someone whose dreams had always been uninteresting, mirroring their daily lives, it felt like an affirmation of their betrayal. They had gotten the excitement and opportunity they wished for but had not properly prepared themselves for the potential risks. While work would have to begin immediately this time it would be with a passion.

Goodnick and Mzungu's Bizarre adventure.

Magical Tinkering. At 1st level, you learn how to invest a spark of magic in objects that would otherwise be mundane. To use this ability, you must have thieves’ tools, tinker’s tools, or other artisan’s tools in hand. You then touch a Tiny nonmagical object as an action and give it one of the following magical properties of your choice:

• The object sheds bright light in a 5-foot radius and dim light for an additional 5 feet.

• Whenever tapped by a creature, the object emits a recorded message that can be heard up to 10 feet away. You utter the message when you bestow this property on the object, and the recording can be no more than 6 seconds long.

• The object continuously emits your choice of an odor or a nonverbal sound (wind, waves, chirping, or the like). The chosen phenomenon is perceivable up to 10 feet away.

• A static visual effect appears on one of the object’s surfaces. This effect can be a picture, up to 25 words of text, lines and shapes, or a mixture of these elements, as you like.The chosen property lasts indefinitely. As an action, you can touch the object and end the property early.You can give the magic of this feature to multiple objects, touching one object each time you use the feature, and a single object can bear only one of the properties at a time. The maximum number of objects you can affect with the feature at one time is equal to your Intelligence modifier (minimum of one object). If you try to exceed your maximum, the oldest property immediately ends, and then the new property applies.


Ngiri- Small metal projectile covered in sticky resin. With an action Mzungu enchants it with the worst smell he has come across to date. Can be smelled 10 ft away. Lasts indefinitely.

Expenses going into Level 3

Aleseus- 15gp 5sp for materials and the tip.

Mzungu- 65gp for materials, rent, and a special gamer RGB edition Ruby of the Warmage 

Goodnick-45gp for armor.

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1/12/2020 2:33 am  #42

Re: Planescape Spin-up thread

neios wrote:

You are all at level 3 indeed.  And here is your loot from the cave of life & death:

1 orange gem (and 1 grateful ango)- 2ish electrum?
2 grell tentacles
4 'crystal' mushrooms
1 metal cylinder, magic- a chime of opening with 3 charges
1 cloak, magic- a cloak of defense +1, currently worn by saara
silver stiletto, not magic
29 gp 10 sp from various sources
1 purple gem of unknown value/make
1 ring of light (as the cantrip + a focus for goodnick's heal)
3 glowing/phosphorescent mushrooms
1500 gp fee from Sever

In addition to what was listed above, we had found the following earlier:

2 sp, 35 cp form the Gilded Chain poker party
200 gp in Kramm's giant sack
500 gp given to us by demon showmen for killing cacklers
At Agrippa's, we sold some gilded chain armor and weapons for a total of 18 gp
Also at Agrippa's, we purchased 2 minor healing potions for 30 gp total.
Also at Agrippa's, I wrote down -45, but I'm not sure what that referred to.  I guess we bought something else but I don't recall what.

So, adding everything up, minus what we spent, I believe we had a total of 643 gp, 2 sp, 35 cp in party funds prior to going into the dungeon. Adding in the cash from the dungeon and Sever's bounty, I believe we had 2172 gp, 12 sp, 35 cp in total party funds. That does not include the magic items and any of the things not yet appraised or stolen by Saara

Split 6 ways, I think we should all have had 362 gp, 2 sp, 5 cp in liquid funds as our split, with 5 cp in change, prior to any recent shopping. 



1/12/2020 1:52 pm  #43

Re: Planescape Spin-up thread

After discussion with the DM, who also doesn't remember us buying anything for 45 gp from Agrippa, the new money total for each individual is 369 gp, 7 sp, 5 cp prior to any shopping. If someone bought better armor or something from Agrippa they can subtract the 45 gp from their share.


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