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10/09/2019 9:23 am  #1

MHAnime and Mhanga

I guess I'll toss a few things out thisaway, to not clutter up anyone's time and space on Discord.

This season has Chihayafuru coming back, which I have recommended before, and will do so until I die.

But for people NOT wanting to watch a sports/romance anime about a poetry memorization card game...

No Guns Life is hard-boiled sci-fi about a guy with a gun for a head.  It received the Kojima stamp of approval.

Amazon picked up Babylon, with three episodes out now.  The end of episode three is...  fucking nuts.  Some manner of suspense/psychological that should be well worth the weekly ride.

Amazon will also be bringing Blade of the Immortal back.  Not the same studio, but the same director of fun bloodbaths like "Shigurui" also known as "Death Frenzy," so you know it's gotta be bloody fun.  If they are adaptingt he whole manga (which couldn't be done a decade ago with the last anime adaptation) it should be a helluva ride.

Makie is best girl.

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