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4/21/2019 8:27 am  #1

So...the Mueller report.

Reading through some of it, I really can't see how the republicans think that they're out of any kind of woods.  It really does look horrible for trump/them.


4/21/2019 12:13 pm  #2

Re: So...the Mueller report.

I can't believe what pussies most of the Dems are being about impeachment, but I've gained a lot more respect for Elizabeth Warren.


4/21/2019 2:29 pm  #3

Re: So...the Mueller report.

I'd love to see an impeachment but I definitely understand the reluctance. There will never, ever, ever be enough republicans willing to vote for removal no matter what, and even though the impeachment proceedings would certainly result in bad things coming to light for Trump and his colleagues, the fact that it would inevitably end with him still in office will be very easy to spin into a "win" for the poor ignorant bastards that are still actually on the fence about 2020.


4/21/2019 4:48 pm  #4

Re: So...the Mueller report.

I can’t imagine anyone who isn’t a lost cause being on the fence at this point.


4/22/2019 8:07 am  #5

Re: So...the Mueller report.

I understand the reluctance, and the possible damage impeachment would do ahead of the next election.  Or rather, the boost that it might give to the bad guys.

I was in fact very ready to see the material in the report as a good reason to defeat Trump at the polls and harbor no desire for impeachment.

But after reading through, I feel the exact opposite.  I'm not really sure how we CAN'T impeach, even if that puts the next election in jeopardy.  It's the right call and really the only call at this point.  Impeachment means nothing, criminal law holds no sway over the executive, unless impeachment proceedings are begun.  This shit is mental.


4/22/2019 10:28 am  #6

Re: So...the Mueller report.

Yeah, my reluctance comes entirely from tactical reasons.  Impeachment proceedings against Clinton didn't hurt him, they helped him.  And in this environment I really don't want to run the risk of helping Trump in the lead to 2020.

But fuck's sake, what are we saying if we move on NOTHING in this whole shitpile?  And yet the bare minimum of GOP who go so far as to say something negative still won't actually commit to action.  And so it will not...  go anywhere.

I would really love it if there was an adjunct press assortment that only existed to quote politicians back at themselves, and ask for clarification how they can support Trump's actions now vs Clinton's.  I mean there are some lovely tweet streams, but that's as far as it goes.

It should literally be every interview and quote with them.  McConnell and Graham writ largest.


4/24/2019 11:02 am  #7

Re: So...the Mueller report.

Very on topic, and so sorry that you were forced to follow and make a new account just to troll like the shitlord that you are, WROOT...



4/24/2019 11:57 am  #8

Re: So...the Mueller report.

This is a board so slackers can keep in touch with friends while we wait for actual slackers to come back. Posts that just condescend and insult slackers will be deleted, as I did with WROOT's.

Drama will be viciously murdered, who needs that shit.


4/24/2019 12:05 pm  #9

Re: So...the Mueller report.

Next time read the room, dipshit.


4/24/2019 12:10 pm  #10

Re: So...the Mueller report.

TIL:  Coyote is a murderer.


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